Financial Auto Leasing: New and Used

If you are looking for a financial leasing on a car, on this page we will present 4 top offers from leasing companies. But before that, let’s see what a financial leasing of cars is. Leasing is a financial transaction, a financing tool for use and acquisition.


Leasing your vehicles

Leasing your vehicles

Leasing a car makes it possible to keep your vehicles and their profitable use for other purposes as you pay the car gradually, through the leasing installment. The financial leasing of a car is a way, means, the opportunity to use a new or used car temporarily.

The relationship between the provider and the user of the vehicle shall be settled in writing by means of a contract setting out the rights and obligations of the parties. The owner of the car gives it to the customer, he, in turn, pays a lease installment, which includes the price of the service. The financial leasing of a car is suitable for people who do not have the necessary amount of money to be able to afford to have the car right now, it is popular and popular in our economic reality.

During the lease term all costs related to the vehicle are at the expense of the user (taxes, repairs, insurances, reviews, fees, vignettes, etc.). The financial leasing of a car starts with the payment of a certain amount of the initial installment – self-participation, during the remaining period, leasing installments / deferred price of the car with interest included.


If the lease payments are equal, this is a convenience

lease payments

You can plan successfully and efficiently your budget. In most cases, the collateral of the lease is the car itself, no mortgages or other pledges are required, the lessor can return the car if the lender fails. The finance lease is carried out quickly, with a simplified procedure and a small amount of documentation. The finance lease is characterized by the fact that at the end of the lease term, when all the contributions are paid, the vehicle changes its ownership, it is transferred from the lessee’s leasing service provider.


Leasing by companies

Leasing by companies

Financial leasing of a car as an activity may be carried out only by companies that are licensed by the BNB and comply with the requirements of the Credit Institutions Act and the Financial Institutions Regulation. We’ll introduce you to authorized companies that offer financial leasing on a car under favorable conditions to make informed choices:


  • Secure and reliable financing. Best conditions, honesty and responsibility. Your exact partner can get your new car within one day.
  • Leasing of cars without proof of income . You also have a chance of approval in bad credit history.
  • The age of the car does not matter.
  • Conditions for applying for financial leasing of a car: 21 years of age and a valid identity card.
  • You choose: car, amount and term of financing. Send an online request, visit a Customer Service Center or dealer / dealership from the company’s affiliate network.
  • You get an answer within 30 minutes.
  • Minimum amount – 2 000 BGN, maximum 20000 BGN.
  • Leasing term: from 12 to 84 months.
  • Minimum initial payment: 15% of the car’s cost.
  • Contemporary, international vehicle evaluation model, huge database, competent assessors.
  • A repayment plan tailored to your financial capabilities. If you have difficulty, contact a company specialist to find more appropriate.
  • The company provides a driving license in our country, within the European Union and the Republic of Serbia.


2. ALLIANZ Leasing Bulgaria

  • Financial leasing of new and used cars by official importers.
  • Currency of financing – euro. Currency of payment of the leasing installments: BGN or EUR.
  • Minimum initial payment: 20% of the car’s cost.
  • Duration of financing for new cars and trucks – from 6 months to 5 years.
  • Leasing of used cars : from 6 months to 4 years, or the lease term + the age of the vehicle, not to exceed 7 years.


3. Bulgaria Leasing

  • Financial leasing of cars – new and used.
  • Lease contract term: from 6 to 60 months for new cars, from 6 to 36 months for used cars.
  • Minimum initial payment – up to 20% of the shipping cost plus VAT.
  • Funding amount: minimum 5000 euro.
  • Lease payments: Equally payable monthly.
  • Collateral: Entry into CPER, promissory note and other collateral at discretion.
  • A commission is charged up to 3 years.
  • The insurances are concluded with an insurer chosen by the company.
  • The full inspection of the technical condition of the used cars is done at the company’s designated service center.



  • Currency – EUR, possibility to pay in BGN.
  • Types of finance leases: open end, closed end and no proof of income.
  • Minimum funded value – 4,000 euros.
  • Up to 72 months for new cars, up to 60 months for used cars.
  • Initial installment of the price excluding VAT: min. 15% for new, min. 20% for used cars for leasing .
  • Age of the car: at the end of the lease period, must not be older than 8 years.
  • Lease scheme: equal monthly installments.
  • Insurance against all inherent risks.

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