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Car leasing of the most popular financing methods

Car leasing of the most popular financing methods

Car leasing is one of the most popular methods for financing a vehicle to the company. Entrepreneurs, not wanting to engage their own funds, are increasingly opting for a car leasing.

Entrepreneurs who do not want to involve their capital in the purchase of a company car decide to lease a car, which is one of the most popular ways of financing such a purchase. In this type of leasing, the lessee may be both a sole proprietor as well as a civil law partnership or a commercial law company.


Leasing Company

Leasing Company

Some leasing companies offer leasing for newly established business entities, however, most of them require confirmation of several months on the market. The leasing period for a car lasts from 12 to even 84 months. We can lease both new and used cars. Leasing companies accept cars purchased in commissions, at dealerships and in companies that make occasional sales. Car leasing covers passenger cars and vans. However, before we decide on a car leasing, it is worth knowing the basic principles on which it depends. The lessee should submit the relevant documentation to the leasing company, in the form of documents confirming the registration of the company, ID card, tax identification number (NIP), REGON, certificate of no arrears to the Tax Office and the Tax Insurance Institution.


Preparing the contract

contract signing

We must also prepare PIT and CIT declarations, based on which our income for the last year will be checked. It is also worth considering the type of leasing, as we usually have operational and financial disposal. The difference between these leases depends on which party to the leasing contract will amortize the car.

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