Car lease or loan for a Mercedes-Benz A-Class


Mercedes-Benz sold more than 2 million cars, making it the world’s best-selling premium car brand. Mercedes is doing better than the competitors Audi (part of Volkswagen) and BMW. The success of Mercedes is mainly due to the best-selling Mercedes-Benz car, namely the A-Class model. This compact and financially accessible car has made it possible for Mercedes to attract younger customers and thus broaden the target group. However, what is the best payment method: a car lease or a car loan? Find out!

Compare all car loans

Compare all car loans

1. The technology

Mercedes-Benz has decided to relaunch the urban A-Class in 2018. This will be the 4 th generation of the model. As usual, you can expect a dynamic car. In terms of technology, the team has developed a semi-automatic control system. This ensures that the vehicle can brake, accelerate and adjust itself at the right time. Moreover, the Mercedes is equipped with fully digital high-tech gadgets, just like the Virtual Cockpit from Audi.

Drivers of the Mercedes-Benz will experience a special driving pleasure thanks to the new speed regulator, which adjusts the speed to the circulation of traffic. The quality of the materials is of course also improved, since this was a major criticism of the previous series. As icing on the cake, the car has a large LCD touchpad screen in the center console. This way you enjoy the new technologies and connectivity.


2. The engine

The Mercedes A-Class from 2018 continues to use a front-wheel drive, but also offers the option of four-wheel drive. With the diesel models, the 2.1 L is replaced by 2.0 L, with which you achieve between 160 and 190 hp. In addition, you can opt for a hybrid three-cylinder engine with an electric motor of 50 kw. If you prefer petrol, there is the new four-cylinder 2.0 Turbo. And for the true speed devils, the AMG version with 400 hp is the ultimate pleasure.


3. Simulation

To get a better idea of ​​the price and how you can afford it, we have visited the Mercedes-Benz website to see how much the standard price of € 28,798 (incl. VAT) increases when you take a number of useful extras.


4. Car lease

4. Car lease

If you use car leasing to have a Mercedes-Benz A-Class, you pay a fixed monthly amount. This happens over a certain period, usually 5 years. This payment includes the costs for insurance, maintenance, full comprehensive insurance, etc. You only have to take into account the gas costs. There are two car lease options: directly at the car dealer or on a third-party website, such as DirectLeasePrivé . On this website the car costs € 406 per month (with a lease of 5 years).

Hereby you get:

  • 10,000 km per year: each additional kilometer costs € 0.08 cents
  • Maintenance, repairs and summer tires
  • Breakdown assistance in Belgium (excluding replacement car)
  • Fully comprehensive insurance (with a franchise of € 375)
  • Four-season tires


5. Car loan

5. Car loan

When taking a new car , it is usually attractive to take out a car loan because the car is all yours. There are different types of car loans depending on your criteria: a new car or a second-hand car. You enjoy a better interest rate if you choose the first option. There are also several options:

  • Pay an advance of 20% and take out a car loan for 80%
  • Go for a car loan of 100% to pay for the entire car
  • Request a car loan of 110% or even 120% to also pay other costs, such as maintenance, insurance, taxes, etc.

We look at the same model as with the car lease, but this time we look at a 100% loan (rounded to € 37,000) spread over 5 years.

  Beobank BNP Paribas Fortis ING Belfius CBC
Monthly payment € 637 € 637 € 638 € 638 € 638
Annual cost percentage (APR) 1.29% 1.30% 1.35% 1.35% 1.45%
Total repayment € 38,219 € 38,228 € 38,276 € 38,276 € 38,276




The table shows that it is financially more attractive to take out a car loan than a car lease. Moreover, you can use the car to cover long distances without having to make up. Also, remember that you can eventually sell the car, which means that you will receive part of your money back.


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